And another tv seaons ends.

Gossip Girl’s third season ends tonight! Oh squee!

I am so sad.

Still, the season finale is on tonight and I shall be watching with breath baited and hoping like heck that a particular rumoured hook up (*cough*ChuckJenny*cough*) DOES NOT HAPPEN. I shall have to burn my eyes if such a thing happens.

Oh wait.

No, I won’t harm myself. Why would I harm my beautiful, beautiful eyes? Instead, I will track down the writers and harm them. Yes. I like this plan better.

So, stay tuned for news on my potential incarceration!

edit (as I have now seen the season finale):
spoilers after the jump

I would love to continue with my rant about the season 3 finale of Gossip Girl (from memory, I really wanted to hurl things at the tv) but alas those frakking hackers have deleted my no doubt brilliant comments and we will never be able to replicate such amazing insights.  Damnit.

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