Enslaved Excerpt!


I am totally stoked to announce I have an excerpt of Enslaved in the offering!  No news yet on a release date but I hope to have that info for you guys very soon!

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Uncorrected, unfinalised excerpt

Enslaved by Cassandra Dean

coming soon from Decadent Publishing!


Rubbing my arm, I took breath and turned.  The slave yet stood in the middle of my chamber, his eyes ahead and his posture still.

I forced myself to take a step toward him, and then another, and then I stood before him.  By the gods, he was tall, and bigger…So much bigger.  His hands…They could crush me, the muscles of his arm screaming of his strength.  He could rush at me, he was trained for such, and I would be broken before any could stop him.

Why would my father do this to me?

My voice, when it came, betrayed my fear.  “I…I am Lucia.  I shall be teaching you.  Do you…”  I swallowed and tried again.  “Do you know much of our legends?”

No response.

My fingers shook as I tucked an errant almost-black curl behind my ear.  “Yes.  Well.  If you do not know…We should…We should start with Saturn.  He was once ruler of the gods and their father.  He–”  Taking a breath that shook, I gestured.  “Will you come to my desk?”

A flicker of expression, quickly gone.  He complied, the clink of the chains he bore overwhelmingly loud.  Once he reached position, he stood with gaze ever forward and waited.

Hesitantly, I moved also to the desk and slid in to my chair.  I fussed with the scrolls under the pretence of finding the right one, though I could quote the story and pantheon by heart.

These lessons would bear disaster.  I knew it already. .

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