Guest author: Sara Daniel and the launch of Beyond Fairytales! #giveaway

Peeps, today we have Sara Daniel on the blog, chatting about her brand new release. Please make her feel welcome!   Once Upon a Marriage: Retelling The Three Army Surgeons   My favorite school assignment was modernizing and retelling a fairy tale (sophomore English – Aced it AND got extra credit – Thanks Ms. Seckler!), so when Decadent Publishing put out the… Read more →

It’s my birthday!

Peeps, today’s my birthday! How excitement! Do you think Michael Fassbender might swing by with a cake and his own gorgeous self??? Yeah, I know. Wishful thinking. However, it IS my birthday and as such I’d like to celebrate with all you lovely people, so I’m offering a giveaway. I know, I’m just the best ever, aren’t I? Enter via… Read more →

Am writing. Kind of.

I find it really interesting what I use as place holders in my writing. In the first draft especially, I’ll put in little phrases or words that would completely not make sense to anyone but me, but I know they mean “big massive fight scene filled with blood and gore here” or “tender, loving moment between hero and heroine with… Read more →