Fun with the Internets

Hi kids.  It’s been a while.

For you, though, I will tentatively raise my head from Self-Imposed Writer Hibernation (SIWH).  This is because I have found things of awesome and delight on this here Internets and, because you are my peeps, I feel the need to share.

Behold!  Marvel at the shiny sparkly baubles I have discovered for you delectment*!

And also!  A nifty blog post on genre and why it is awesome special superfun times!

Genre Is the Best! (speaking totally objectively)

I hope you enjoy this brief perusal of the Internet Pages.  I am now sinking back into SIWH.

*and no, I don’t know if that’s a word or not.  I am like Shakespeare, making up the Eng-a-lish as I go along.  One day, they will hold festivals and parades in my name – or a farade.  See, just did it again.  When will it end??  I think 6 June.

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