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Today we have historical romance author Katherine Givens on the blog. Make her welcome, peeps!
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5 Things I Didn’t Know About
Becoming A Published Author

1. Never did I think I’d make friends and acquaintances.
I’ve always imagined the life of an author as lonely. I thought of a recluse in front of their computer or journal, pulling words out of her head for hours on end. I thought contact with editors and publishers was the extent of human reaction, but I was wrong. Happily so. Joining different organizations and groups for romance authors and writers has led to me forming precious friendships and bonds. It’s led to the passing of advice and tips. It’s led to laughter and conversations over books. It’s led to congratulations and shoulders to lean on when the inevitable rejections hit. As an author, I’m not the recluse I imagined. I am one in a community of editors, publishers, bloggers, and readers.

2. Social media.
Honestly, I didn’t know much about marketing a book when I first started. Joining the RWA taught me about the different channels to market a book, one of the strongest being social media. I hadn’t a clue Facebook and Twitter could be an author’s friend, but its a lesson I learned. And, surprisingly, I quite enjoy connecting with readers through social media.

3. Bloggers.
I knew blogs existed, but I thought this was more of a hobby for most. Several business savvy people learned this long before I did, and they’ve come to treat book blogs as a business. These bloggers put hard work, time, and dedication into their blogs. I appreciate their work more than I ever have before.

4. Hard work really does pay off.
In the beginning of my writing journey, I faced what every writer faced. The endless stream of rejection letters, or at least it seemed endless. But my lucky break came with In Her Dreams, my first release with Harlequin Australia’s imprint Escape Publishing. The publication of this book didn’t just fall into my lap. I had to dedicate myself to my craft. I had to push my doubts aside and write everyday. And in May of 2013 with one email from Harlequin Australia’s Escape, I learned hard work does indeed pay off.

5. I thought I was so deeply in love with writing, but my first sale has heightened my passion.

Writing has helped me through several difficulties in my life.l I’ve become so attached to my writing, because it is what I clung to through every hardship and trial. I associate my identity with the word “writer.” Well, now it is “author.” Writing fiction has always been when I’ve felt most alive, most in love with life. Now that I am published and able to share my gift with others, I am so madly in love with my writing it is sometimes difficult to contain.

What I did expect as a writer were the long hours, bouts of loneliness, and the painful rejections. I expected determination, passion, and hard work were requirements. I also expected to reach publication, have fun with every aspect of this job, and love what I do. And guess what! I was right about all of these things.
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A flirty, fun, mix-and-match romance about two sisters who are betrothed to the wrong men…

Evangeline Vernon is a woman on the verge of spinsterhood — until the prim and proper Duke of Manchester steps in. Her family is pleased with the match, but the duke is not the passionate man Evangeline craves. Her heart belongs to an alluring, golden-haired gentleman, perfect in every way…except one: he doesn’t exist.

Angela Vernon is everything a proper, well-brought-up woman should be. She knows her place and understands society’s expectations — which include not being jealous of her sister and not coveting her sister’s suitor. But how can she bear the heartache of watching the only man she loves marry not only her sister, but a woman who doesn’t see past his exterior to the man he is beneath?

Available NOW
Escape Publishing
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13_10_08_Katherine Givens In Her Dreams is Katherine Givens’ debut novella, which is published with Harlequin Australia’s imprint Escape Publishing. She is working on a number of other projects and always has ideas flooding her head. In her spare time, Katherine loves to read about history, craft jewellery, and play with her ornery kitten named Bucky. To learn more about Katherine and her writing, please visit the following sites. She loves to hear from readers.


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  3. What an inspiring post! BTW…I am enjoying the “debut author” journey with you, Katherine.

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