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A brand new TV show! Huzzah! I love discovering new awesome shows and this one certainly is awesome.

In The Flesh is a new BBC Three show about zombies. Pshaw, I can hear you say. Another show about zombies? But there’s The Walking Dead and Dead Set and other zombie shows that I can think of but Cassandra totally can’t. Ah, I say smugly. But are these shows from the zombie’s point of view?

The series follows Kieren Walker (heh, walker. Snigger), a young man who is suffering from Partially Deceased Syndrome (or PDS). Under medication and rehabilitated, Kieren has regained his cognative ability and is no longer a threat to society. In fact, he’s going home. Today.

Home is a remote village in the north of England, a place abandoned by the government and authorities during The Rising, which saw the deceased rising from their graves to feast upon the living. A few years after this dread time, fear and hatred still runs deep.

A great allegory on prejudice, this emotional tale is just a thing of beauty. The visuals are stunning, but it’s the acting and the story that make it shine. Luke Newberry is amazing as Kieren, a troubled teen who took his own life only to rise again.

The last episode is a bit rushed, clearly setting up a potential second season, but all in all this is one hell of a tale.

You can learn more about In The Flesh at:
the website ~ Wikipedia


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