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A brilliant French series, The Returned (Les Revenants) is a thoughtful and endlessly intriguing addition to the Not-Zombie genre*. “It’s a stylishly shot eight-part French series (a second run is being written as we speak) that poses a simple supernatural question: what would happen if, years after their deaths, our loved ones returned to us? Would it be a miracle, or a curse?” This quote describes The Returned Les Revenantsit quite well, totally stolen from Den of Geek.

The series begins with a town in mourning. Four years previous, a school bus ran off the road and down a cliff, killing all aboard. The people affected by this tragedy are starting to move on, while still remembering their lost loved ones. But then, a victim, 14 year old Camille, walks into her mother’s kitchen as if nothing has happened…

Soon, others return – Simon, a musician who died the day of his wedding to Adele, who had just fallen pregnant with their now ten-year-old daughter. Madam Costa, whose return after forty years terrifies her husband so much he sets fire to their home. Serge, whose dark secret forced his brother to an unthinkable act eight years previous. And Victor, a mysterious little boy who attaches himself to nurse Julie, a victim of a horrendous attack.

The Returned is a fantastically affecting show. It’s creepy and atmospheric and just beautiful to watch. The alpine setting lends an other-worldliness to the proceedings, making the huge dam framed by majestic mountains foreboding and threatening. There’s a real sense of menace underlying the show, and what seems a miraculous return slowly reveals itself to be something not-right.

This show is a definite must watch and I can’t recommend it enough. A second season will begin filming in France soon and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


*Like the term? Totally just coined it.

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