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Utopia recently finished it’s six episode first series. It was a bit awesome.

Utopia is a graphic novel that has a cult following, a comic that is rumoured to predict the worst disasters of the last century. UtopiaVolume 1 was published years ago, but a rumoured second volume brings together four disparate fans who soon discover the events Utopia depicts are not fictional. The four are persecuted, arrested, tortured – all for their proximity to the rumoured second volume. But when the mysterious Jessica Hyde appears, they will never, ever be able to return to their normal lives…

Conspiracies, double-crossing and desperation are the order of the day with Utopia. Intricately plotted, the story moves at a fast pace, though a sense of dread riddles each scene. Beautifully shot, each episode is an absolute visual delight. Bright yellow dominates the palette, and the presence of this almost sickeningly bright colour highlights the Very Important Scenes.

It also had banging theme music.

The Brits are amazingly stylish and bold with their programming, responsible for some truly outstanding television in recent times (Misfits, Being Human, The Fades, etc). Utopia more than adds to this fantastic trend, and it was an absolute pleasure to watch each episode.

It ended in true post-apocalyptic fashion, though it seems a second series is in the works. I’ll definitely be signing up for more!

Find out more at Utopia’s website, IMDb and Wikipedia.

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