Hello, dear reader

It’s been quite some time since my last post. In fact, Happy New Year!

The radio silence has come about due to the joys of editing – my cap which I use to undertake Teh Edit is firmly in place and I’m working my little tush off (as an aside, the Cap of Teh Edit is sparkly and tassled. It’s really quite stunning).

Unfortunately, all this editing means I don’t have much time for the blog 🙁  Once I have the WIP all finished (I have it on good authority that edits do, at some stage, finish!) I’ll be a more frequent visitor here. In the meantime, here is a half-baked effort at a blog post in which I shall leave the content of this blog to others who have way more considered posts (and are generally quite awesome).

Sarah Rees Brennan has some quite amazing posts.  I highly recommend you check out her blog:

Getting Published in Three Simple Steps

Ilona Andrews also has some great advice for those wishing to enter the writing caper:

Five Mistakes of a Beginning Novelist – Part 1

Writer Myths

Yet More About Reviews

Jeaniene Frost has a great post on The Publishing Rollercoaster

Ever had writer’s block?  Here’s a scientific paper on it!

Nasty Case of Writer’s Block creates the Most Brilliant Scientific Paper Ever

So You Want to Write a Romance Novel?

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