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Welcome to Hump Day Hook, a weekly list of authors showcasing their work around the Internets. A big thanks to the wonderful peeps at Hump Day Hook for making this possible.

Right, on with the hook itself! Another bit from FOOL’S GOLD, second in The Diamond Series:
Fool's Gold Cassandra Dean Western Escape Decadent Publishing

Ethan stared down at Pearl. Unaware of his perusal, she slept on, her face peaceful and her chest rising and falling gently. She’d pushed the bed covers down to her waist, a wide vee of her skin revealed by the half-opened chemise, trapped and pulled tight by her body. The cloth had fallen sometime in the night, and the light from the lamp hit the tinsel on her Christmas tree, throwing color and spangles over the creamy flesh. An insane urge rose within him, an urge to see if the colors would change the flavor of her.
FOOL’S GOLD is currently touring the blogs, so make sure you check it out – you could win prizes! You can also learn MORE about FOOL’S GOLD here

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  1. Interesting prospect. Wonder if he will give in to the urge?

  2. Wow, sexy and sensual. I hope he does give in! 🙂

  3. Very romantic the way he’s studying her while she sleeps. Now I wonder what he’s going to do next…

  4. Great descriptions! Great HDH x

  5. Very sensual moment for Ethan. Thanks for sharing this little snippet!

  6. I love the descriptive phrases. Great hook.

  7. Beautiful visualizations. What can be more erotic than a man studying a woman while she sleeps? I’ve seen it done before, but not with such emotion!

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