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Welcome to Hump Day Hook, a weekly list of authors showcasing their work around the Internets. A big thanks to the wonderful peeps at Hump Day Hook for making this possible.

This week, it’s all about TEACH ME. I love this book so much, and I especially love that it’s half price over at Amazon US and UK!

I hope you enjoy this tidbit.
Teach Me Cassandra Dean Decadent Publishing La Belle Series
She still looked at herself in the mirror, lip once again caught between teeth. Whatever she thought must be worthy of intense study. Slowly, her teeth worried her bottom lip, reddening the flesh before she soothed the abrasion with her tongue, and then beginning the process over again. She bit her lip often, when she was thinking. One day soon, he would replace her tongue with his, soothing that flesh himself as he drew her inside him, his hands in place of hers on her breasts.


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  1. You know how much I love this story. 🙂 A fabulous hook!

  2. Oh, delicious thoughts. I love this moment. Definitely makes me intrigued for more.

  3. A lovely snippet … great description I can’t wait for more!

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