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Welcome to Hump Day Hook, a weekly list of authors showcasing their work around the Internets. A big thanks to the wonderful peeps at Hump Day Hook for making this possible.

This week, I’m featuring my contribution to the anthology The Mammoth Book of ER Romance, ‘Wounded Heart’. A romantic medical suspense tale, ‘Wounded Heart’ features a dedicated cop and a brilliant doctor fighting to keep safe a critical witness to a crime. Enjoy!

Wounded Heart Mammoth Book of Medical Romance
And to the side, slumped in a chair that didn’t look any more comfortable than the ones in the A&E waiting room, was Detective Hicks.

Matt’s heart stuttered in his chest. Even tired, she looked gorgeous. Her light brown hair was a tumbled mess, tied back with a band that seemed to be losing the battle, and her sensible coat and comfortable trousers could probably do with a press, but she was the best sight he’d seen all day.


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  1. Ah, romance under work stress, you can’t beat it! Great hook.

  2. The careful description really shows his attraction to her.

  3. Love it! They seem to be the opposite role of what we normally see, which makes me enjoy it even more. 🙂

  4. A woman with a badge and a gun…gotta love that 😀

  5. oh wow i want this book too!

  6. Very nice description. Well done.

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