I found Canada Dry!!!

Last year, my friend and I went on a glorious adventure to the land of the free and the home of the brave. While there, I became slightly obsessed with some things. No, not Gossip Girl – I was already sadly obsessed with that. Instead, I became obsessed with ginger ale.

Ohhhhh, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, you are glorious and beautiful and delightfully refreshing. Your competition, Schwepps Ginger Ale, is just as glorious. Here in Oz, ginger ale is solely for mixing purposes. It is dry and bad and so bitey you cannot enjoy it on its own…Unlike its Canadian/American counterpart.

A friend of mine, Canadian Born Lady (or CBL for short), recently visited the land of her birth. Being the lovely person she is, CBL asked me if there was anything I desperately needed from Canada. Um, yes! Totally need Canada Dry Ginger Ale!!! My friend brought me back a 1.25 litre bottle of the stuff. Do I really need to iterate how much I love my friend?

That bottle was gone in less than three hours.

Of course, this only cemented my addiction. Where could I find Canada Dry Ginger Ale here in Oz? A quick squizz of the internets provided some results but nothing of any immediacy. Now that I’d had my fix, I wanted more. MORE!

Feeling rather desperate, I visited a well-known English lolly (sweet/candy/what-have-you) shop and lo! Behold! They sell Canada Dry! I bought a can and proceeded to enjoy its goodness.

I also bought Crackerjacks. What can I say? I’m weak.

Needless to say, I am now hooked.  HOOKED!!!

What foreign, hard-to-get, scrumptious foods are you addicted to?

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