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Hey all!

Not much is happening in the world of Cassandra. I’m gearing up for Enslaved’s release on 15 July, as well as working on other sundry projects, including Enslaved‘s follow up.  Apart from that, I’ve enjoyed some lovely superhero movies lately. 

Thor was a bit of an awesome flick, although I was not convinced by the love story.  Of course, not being convinced, I immediately started thinking of ways to improve it… Did anyone else think Natalie Portman’s character should have been more socially awkward, more into the astrophysics and the love story really should have ended the movie with “hey I like you, let’s date” instead of undying love.  There just wasn’t room for the love story in the running time. 

That being said, I LOVED the relationship of Thor and Loki.  So super awesome.  Kenneth Branagh did a fabulous job of showing the scale of Asgard, the brothers’ relationship and I can totally forgive him for the crappy love story.

X-Men: First Class had Michael Fassbender in it.  Enough said.

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