Oh Gossip Girl, I love you and I hate you

So, Gossip Girl was on last night. Sigh. I do love this show. It is trash and it is frustrating and I can’t believe after paying my sister out about loving Melrose Place back in the day I, too, have succumbed to a glorified soap. Still, they occasionally wear pretty clothes! Chuck and Blair rock! (and, coincidentally, Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick are awesome actors-which has nothing whatsover to do with Chuck and Blair rocking, I’m sure) They have some awesome music! Chuck and Blair rock! Um…


Anyway, last night I watched the second to last episode in Season 3. Oh my lord, was it frustrating! I just want to get a job as a writer and sit in that room and tell them all what is wrong with the stupid storylines they have. Also, I want to tell them to just SLOW THE HELL DOWN!!! We might live in a ADD society, but people still appreciate the slow build up of things, as well as reaction shots to beef up the emotion.

What’s wrong with maybe taking six episodes to deal with Dr Van Der Woodsen, rather than the two and half they alloted? Um, nothing apart from maybe making the whole storyline seem like there might involve some jeopardy for the characters and relationships.

What’s wrong with showing the slow development of Serena and Nate’s feelings so when they declare love for each other, it doesn’t feel like something the writers have forced rather than a natural progression?

What’s wrong with making characters stay true to their, um, character and not jumping wildly about the place? I mean, what on earth does Jenny want??? To be the Queen of the Upper East Side? To be the Brooklyn Family Girl? To be a clothing designer?? What???

Does Nate even attend uni? What has Dan done to pursue his writing, apart from apply to some Tisch thing which Vanessa got and has now ditched? Oh, and don’t get me started on Vanessa. God, I hope she dies in Haiti or Tibet or wherever the hell she is.

Thank God for Chuck and Blair, especially Blair. That show would not be watchable if not for them. Chuck, you are a manslut and you should not be sleeping around after you broke up with Blair cos allegedly you have grown as a character (good one, writers), but you are still a million times more interesting than other characters. And Blair, you are phenomenal in your scheming and snobbery and your love for Chuck although you think you want something different…Sigh.

Still, for all my complaining…I’m going to watch it next week.

You know I love it.

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