Researching fun

I’m on a bit of a Roman kick at the moment.   Obviously, with Enslaved and its sequel (name pending – currently nicknamed Roman Man) Rome is a major feature.  I’m having a ball learning lots of neato stuff, rewatching tv shows featuring Rome and revisiting my own photos of the city itself and its influence on Europe.  I’ve also been researching via children’s reference books.

Please don’t back away like that, you heard me right!  Children’s reference books.  They are grand!  All the info distilled into easy to understand language, with pictures to boot.  What’s not to love?  I ordered this beauty from the Book Depository:

Neato, hey?   I also ordered a box set of Horrible Histories.

Of course, I will do further research but I find these a great overview of history, allowing me to pick out the bits I think are important or I want to use in my work.

Anyhoo, I guess it’s back to it!  All that research won’t do itself…unfortunately.

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