Six Sentence Sunday

Hi peeps!

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having an awesome one, and don’t get caught out too tremendously on this fine April’s Fool Day. Speaking of which, did you see what Google Maps did?

Sunday also means it’s time for Six Sentences. After the break, there’s a sneak peak at a story I’m working on, currently entitled “The Duchess and the Tutor”*. Enjoy!

*Excerpt is not suitable for kiddies or workplaces. Proceed with caution!


The Duchess and the Tutor

(work in progress)
Sophia, Duchess of Worsley, possesses a shocking fascination for the tutor of her ward. Then, one fateful day, she discovers he feels the same in the most incindiary of ways. Their passion should not–must not–be, and yet they ignite time and again.
Can a duchess and a tutor ever be more than what society dictates they must? Can Sophia and Aidan ever be together?


The bark was rough against her back, even through her gown. She didn’t care that it likely ruined the fabric, that his body pressing her into the tree creased the front of her gown. She only cared for his hand, and his mouth, and what they both were doing to her.

Rubbing the front of his trousers, she traced the line of his cock, and abruptly he abandoned her slick folds, gathering her bottom in his hands to lift her against the tree. Eager, she wound her legs about him and he started to thrust against her, the fabric of his trousers rough against her aroused flesh, his mouth demanding against hers.

“Mr Markham! Come see what I’ve found!”

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