Six Sentence Sunday – Rough Diamond pt 2

It’s that time, peeps! Six Sentence Sunday is upon us once more! Thanks to the lovely peeps at Six Sentence Sunday for this awesome initiative.

This week, the six sentences are again from one of my works in progress, a western historical romance entitled Rough Diamond. Have fun!

“Liquid slides down your throat. The flavour explodes, a glorious rush that overwhelms and consumes. You curl your tongue, revelling in the lingering sensation. Then, after it fades, you look at the bottle.” She met his gaze. “And you know you can do it again.”




  1. Great descriptive six! I want some now too 😉

  2. That is a wonderful description! I want more of the story now. 🙂

  3. Fantastic description… Great six

  4. Great description. More please!

  5. Interesting, makes me want to know what happened before and of course what happens next! Great six!

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