Six Sentence Sunday – Rough Diamond pt 6 #sixsunday

Well, Six Sentence Sunday is here again. Yay! Big thanks to the peeps behind this wonderful initiative, and an extra special thanks for all the people who take the time to comment on my six sentences. You guys rock!

So, this week, I have some Big Awesome Fantastic News – ROUGH DIAMOND has been contracted to Decadent Publishing! Huzzah! ROUGH DIAMOND tells the tale of a lady saloon owner and the seemingly empty-headed Englishman who wants to purchase her saloon – sparks fly, people swoon, etc and so forth. More deets as they arrive!

So, in honour of this, the following six is from ROUGH DIAMOND. Enjoy Alice and Rupert!

Rupert glanced down at Alice, absently noting she was three and a quarter inches shorter than him. Not too short.

Shocked at the thought, he pulled himself up. Not too short for what? Abruptly, he could smell violet water and musk, and knew it to be the scent of her hair. A kind of heat flashed through him, and he had an overwhelming desire to feel her bare skin against his.

Thanks for stopping by, peeps! And please keep coming back for updates on ROUGH DIAMOND!


  1. Great six and congratulations on the contract!! Huzzah!!

  2. Intriguing six sentences. Congrats on the contract too.

  3. Jessica Subject

    I love the moment when a man realizes he wants a woman. Great six, and congrats on the new contract!

  4. lol, “not too short for what?” That’s exactly what I was thinking! 😀

  5. Congrats on the book. This one sounds like one I’d love to read! 🙂

  6. First, CONGRATS! And second, I love how he knows exactly the difference in height. Not that he’s studying her or anything, right? LOL.

  7. I think the man answered his own question! 🙂 Great six!

  8. Huge congrats on the contract!!! Love the way his thoughts are turning, even when his conscious mind is rebelling a bit. :-p

  9. His subconscious got ahead of his conscious there, enjoyed the six very much and congratulations on the contract!

  10. Maryellen Brady

    Congratulations!!! great 6 🙂

  11. laurakayeauthor

    Great tension! Congrats on the new sale!

  12. Boy, he thinks in quarter inches? But it sounds like he’s interested.

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