Six Sentence Sunday – Teach Me

This week’s snippet is from TEACH ME, my latest release from Decadent Publishing. Hopefully next week I’ll have something for you from the new project!

Elizabeth stood, her hand pressed hard into her stomach, the tracks of tears stretching her skin as they dried. When had she stopped crying? She remembered trying to control the tears, control herself, but in the end she hadn’t cared anymore, the pain inside her too great, and she had stopped caring. Unheeded, the tears had fallen and James had not noticed, he had kept going, his words precise and incontrovertible. She had felt as if each tear was dissolving her, who she had been, until there was nothing but a shell. An empty Elizabeth-shaped shell that stood here now in this unknown room, her hand pressed to her stomach and her eyes staring at nothing.


  1. laurakayeauthor

    Oh, such desolation! Visceral description! And Happy Easter!

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