Six Sentence Sunday – The Duchess & The Tutor pt 2 #sixsunday

Six Sentence Sunday is here again, peeps! As always, a big thank you to the peeps behind this wonderful initiative, and to all the lovely people who comment on my sentences πŸ˜€

Currently, I’m trundling through edits on ROUGH DIAMOND , but I thought I might try something different today. Here’s a little bit from The Duchess & The Tutor, one of the stories I’m working on. Tis a bit saucy, these six, so click on the Continue Reading to enjoy!

Desire coloured his skin, making his cheeks ruddy. His eyes glittered as he looked at her.

Unable to bear being apart, she hauled him back. His mouth opened under hers, his hand covering her breast to shape the soft flesh. Fire coursed through her, her nipple tightening almost painfully against his palm as he drew circles upon her. Wrapping her leg about him, she pushed herself into his touch. His skin was slightly rough, as if he hadn’t always been a scholar, and he kissed her as if he would perish if he didn’t.

Thanks for stopping by, peeps!


  1. Wow. That’s quite a picture you paint there πŸ˜‰

  2. Love it…very sensual…perfect descriptions!

  3. I loved your last line! Beautiful like a romantic poem.

  4. Excellent excerpt, very hot and sensuous and I really wanted to keep reading…where IS the rest LOL???

  5. Maryellen Brady

    Wow way to make a Sunday sizzle πŸ™‚ fantastic six!

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