Oh my god! Oh my god, you guys! !! Guess what’s back on tonight??? Guess???? That’s right! It’s Gossip Girl!!!!!!!

Ohhh! The excitement! The humanity!!! Yes, I am totally sad!!!

So, don’t know if you can tell if I am excited or not.   I’m pretty subtle.

Ohhhh, Gossip Girl.  I love you, even though you did the hurty badness with Chuck and Racoon Eyes.  Even though HippyChick and DanTehMan are totally boring.  Even though Nate has allegedly become a huge man sl*t…oh wait.  That might, in fact, be awesome.

I love you, in all your guises.  I love that the opening two episodes will be set in Paris.  I love that Blair and Serena will be pretending like they’ve not a care in the world.  I love that Chuck is being dressed in FakeMod, that quintessentially British look that totally screams “Hey kids, look!  We are dressing the actor who is actually British but pretends to be a bad, bad American boy with a low voice and overly enunciated words in a British style!  Aren’t we cute?  Aren’t we hip?? And doesn’t he just look the bestest??”

Ohhhh!  So totally excited!  I shall recap the experience for you after I view!

Until then…You know you love me


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