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H+: The Digital Series is an online web series wholly contained on YouTube. H+: The Digital SeriesProduced by Bryan Singer, who directed one of my very favourite films, H+ takes you into a future where an implantable device, known as H+, connects the human nervous system to the internet. That’s right, peeps, the computer is in your head (or base of the neck, as the case may be). 33% of the population have this device implanted, but then one day, something goes bad – very, very bad – and people with the device collapse…and die.

Spanning most of the globe (but not Australia, damn it!), H+ takes you to India, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Chile, USA, Republic of Congo, Japan, Germany and many, many other places, with people from all walks of life represented. This makes the threat truly global, affecting everyone and not just those in Places That Shall Remain Nameless. For someone from a country that is not one of Those Nameless, the threat seems more imminent and more likely to affect me personally, adding a certain thrill to the watching.

It’s also just a damn good rolicking time.

There are many different storylines running through the series, following many different characters. The series jumps back and forth through time, from 8 years before the H+ ‘malfunction’ to two years after. My favourite of the storylines is the one following Manta, mainly because it’s the one with the love story ;p Also, Manta is a bad a$$ chick. A brilliant hacker, Manta at first seems to belong to a group determined to hack the H+ technology. She seduces an undercover police officer, Topi, but it soon becomes something more. We then jump to the future, and Manta and Topi are no longer together – but he is desperate to see her, to have her listen. Further into the rabbit hole we go, and Manta is tied to the mystical Simona, who may be the savior of humanity…

It’s all very convoluted and awesome and you just have to experience it to get the full gist!

You can watch the series as it aired, chronologically, follow a character or story arc, or by chapter.