Because I know everything, writer extraordinaire that I am, here are my desires for the next instalments of two TV series:


Supernatural has just been renewed for a sixth season. People are understandably leery about this, as Eric Kripke has always maintained he began Supernatural with a five season arc plotted out and a definitive ending. So, where on earth can season six go? Needless to say, ***spoilers*** for those who are not up to date with the American airdates of the show.




Okay, people who don’t want to be spoiled gone? Two ways this could go:

Way the First: Apocalypse is averted, now what?

Sam and Dean destroy Lucifer, banish demons to hell and now they do…what? Get jobs? Buy a house? Establish a portfolio? This would be a great way to set up season six – an examination of what happens after the closing credits. Of course, there can be rumblings of something supernatural (heh) rising, but this can be subtle and not be obvious until at least ep 6.

Way the Second: Sam says no to Lucifer – but Dean says yes to Michael.

OH MY HOLY FRAKKING GOD, how good would that be? Sam, the ‘weaker’ of the two brothers, the one Dean has always felt he has to care for, on his own with a vengeful angel hot on his tail? An angel who looks like his beloved brother? Can you say emotional devastation??

Recently, Sam has shown he is growing stronger as a person, more adult and willing to accept he is not perfect. He doesn’t know everything, and, crucially, he doesn’t need Dean to look out for him.

Dean, meanwhile, is slowly being crushed under the weight of expectation. He has been to hell for an untold number of years and is wrenched back into life by the angels. He caused the apocalypse, and now he is the only one who can fix it. More and more, Heaven is revealing they lined up everything in the Winchesters’ line for John and Mary to meet, to have Dean and Sam born. Nothing is about free will.

Most importantly, Dean feels he has failed – with Sam, with their dad, with everything. It is totally not implausible that he will say yes to Michael, just so he doesn’t have to feel anymore. No more Dean, only a meat suit for an angel.

Wow, I cannot even count the number of story ideas that arise from this premise. I love it with all my writerly heart, and totally offer it to Kripke and co with my blessing. Please, please, please, let us see something like this – or something just as awesome. You have my faith, and my eyeballs glued to the screen (ew. That sounds really gross).

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog

Okay, technically not television, but we must all deal with disappointment. It is the way of life and I shall wait.

Done? Right, let’s continue.

Zach Whedon has recently said he and the Whedon peeps are working hard on the sequel and trying to line up their tremendously busy actors and crew for another stab at glory. But…where will the story go after the tragic denoument?

Again, ***spoilers***. Beware. Bewaaaaaaaaareeeeeee.




So. Penny’s dead. Or is she? My totally, you beaut, oh-my-god-they-better-have-thought-of-this idea is that she rises from the ashes to become…duh duh DUHNNNNN! A supervillain! Like, how totally awesome, right?

Dr. Horrible was always all about the origin of a villain. Dr Horrible himself, right? Well, what about as an added bonus we have the rise of another, more evil villain – the supergood Penny, who saves homeless shelters and is the sweetest girl in the world, who then dies because of a squabble between a hero and a villain. Is that not the very definition of a villain origin story?

This will cause angst and anguish for our ‘hero’, Billy aka Dr. Horrible. His love is back from the dead but she now loathes him, despises him for his part in her betrayal and death. Maybe he even has to side with Captain Hammer, his doofus archnemesis. Ahhh, I can see it all now…and in glorious song!

Anyway, those are my ideas. Thoughts, suggestions, comments?

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