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Please join me in welcoming Nishi Serrano to the blog! Nishi’s steampunk novella, MILE BELOW PEEP SHOW, is NOW AVAILABLE from Decadent Publishing, but first, we have a mouthwatering recipe courtesy of the saucy peeps of the Mile Below resort. Check it out!

Steampunk Yummies Under the Sea!


Have you ever wondered what a vacation under the sea would be like? If you enjoy steampunk and erotica then let me introduce you to Rose: she is a character I met on one of my adventures, and we’ve become quite close. She divulges her secrets to me so that I may write them down for you, the readers in my world, to enjoy. She’s a member of a secret club known as the MILE HIGH AIRSHIP CLUB. Being a member has its advantages. You get invited to all manner of interesting shindigs, usually erotic in nature. Her most recent foray was a vacation at the Mile Below resort under the sea, and what a tale she spun! Delicious mermen, exotic peep shows, cocktails, a lusty labyrinth, and all manner of sexual follies wound themselves into a mouth watering novella that is sure to put a blush on your cheek.

In honor of yummies from the sea, here is my recipe for Shrimp Linguini:

Two packets korr garlic herb sauce
One packet korr alfredo sauce
One packet korr pesto sauce
Three cheese parmesan kraft cheese (in the plastic shaker bottle)
Red bell pepper
Sweet onion
Shrimp (or you can substitute a good sausage for the shrimp)
Crushed red pepper
Linguini pasta

First chop your broccoli, red pepper, onion, and mushrooms and put them in a large deep-sided skillet. Put about a table spoon of oil in the skillet, and add some crushed red pepper, cover and cook for about five minutes—until the veggies start to get soft–then add the shrimp (or sausage) and cook until done. Set aside.

In a large sauce pan mix all four packets together following the directions on each packet except for the pesto packet—do not add what it says on the back of the pesto packet. So, you should basically just be adding milk and butter (I added one extra tablespoon of butter). Add to this a large helping (about ½ a cup or more) of the Kraft three cheeses. Cook until thick, then pour over the veggie and shrimp mix in the skillet and set burner on low while you cook the linguini.

Cook linguini, and strain. Then serve sauce over the linguini.

This recipe is good to make a large batch and freeze some for later!

Mile Below Peep Show by Nishi Serrano

MILE BELOW PEEP SHOW is now available at Decadent Publishing.

It is also available at most online book buying sites frpm August 29th: B&N, Amazon, Bookstrand, and many more.

I would love for you to visit me at these places too:

Nishi Serrano
“Creating worlds imaginative enough to hold the unexplored …”


Lady Rose fears her best friend Abigail Bertram is growing lonely and embittered by her life as heir and sole proprietor to her family’s business. After experiencing the pleasures of induction to the Mile High Airship Club, Rose and her husband William devise a plan to cure their friend of her prim ways and introduce her to a new—freer world—of carnal desires.

Taking Abby on their special vacation, they embark on a steampunk carnival soiree under the sea brimming with mermaids, a cast of lusty characters, and of course—exotic peep shows! However, a surprise none of them expected shows up to test Abby’s brass, and possibly melt her heart.

Will their adventure open Abby’s eyes to what she’s been missing, or will her heart stay chained to business as usual?

A lifetime of cosplay and appreciation of all things sci-fi and fantasy drove Nishi Serrano to recognize her passion for writing Steampunk, and wandering haunted forests, canoeing on lakes lurking with monsters, and creeping through abandoned abodes.

Come visit her for more cocktails, stories, and adventures!


  1. Sounds like a delicious recipe and a great story. Congrats on your new release! 🙂

  2. Thank you Jessica! I appreciate you stopping by, and it is a yummy recipe! It tastes better than one you would get at a restaurant.

  3. Congratulations!!!! I need a new key board. The Linguini also sounds very yummy!

  4. I love Shrimp Linguini! Now I won’t have to go to Red Lobster just to have it, lol. Congratulations on your book release too, Nishi! It sounds wicked! 🙂

    • Ooh, you will love this recipe then! It took me a few times making it to have it taste this good. And thanks for taking the time to stop by and say hi and share a kind word 😉

  5. You all rock! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop in and say hi–enjoy the recipe!

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