When regurgitating is fun

OMFG.  Gossip Girl.  How I love you.  The season finale was awesome.  *sigh*

In other news, I received Not Quite A Husband by Sherry Thomas today.  Massive squee.  I do love this lady’s work and am really looking forward to devouring its awesomeness in an orgy of reading devouringnessness (It’s a word, I promise.  Don’t listen to what your dictionary says).

As for my own work, the next novel is trundling along nicely.  Wrote a scene today in the mode of what I like to call the Vomit Draft (phrase totally stolen from Felicia Day).  This is the draft where you throw words on a page and see what sticks.  Getting the idea down is half the battle.  I can prettify it later (again, another word.  My dictionary is not objecting, so maybe it is an actual word!).

I think this might be part of the problem with people who might like to try their hand at writing.  The first draft is SUPPOSED to be overwhelmingly awful.  It is the mess you vomit (to coin a rather gross phrase) to get the bones of the story out before you go back and add the pretty words that will make the story you see in your head resonate with the reader.

You don’t need to make the first scene beautiful before moving on.  After all, you might change the characters motivations as the story shapes on the page.  What a waste of your work and your time if you have to go back and completely change the first chapter completely.

Everyone vomits.  Anyone who says they don’t is trying to sell you something (thank you, Princess Bride).

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