Writing weekend* debrief

Our Writing Weekend* was a massive success!

Lucy and I rocked up at the hotel Friday night, had a cheeky beverage in the bar and then it was up to our rooms to plot and plan, after which we wrote and wrote and wrote and didn’t emerge until Sunday.

Well, not quite.

We learnt a lot during our inaugural Writing Weekend* and one of the things we learned was the necessity of breaks. We spent a lot of time chatting: about our works in progress, TV, how Tim Minear is now my bestest friend. These sessions helped fire our creativity, helped sort our thoughts out so we could enter once again to the fray.

Both of us also left the weekend with a clearer picture of who our characters are. Prior to the weekend, I was struggling with the hero and heroine of Roman Man. Their characterisations just wouldn’t gel, and I found it really difficult to write their story when I had no idea who these people were. Now, however, I finally know who they are!  Caloo! Calay! Yay for writing weekends*!

Now we are planning our next Writing Weekend*, which will probably be in an caravan park (ooh, classy). Of course, said caravan park will be in the wilds of nature, maybe even McLaren Vale or the Barossa. Is that a winery I spy?  Hmm, I should probably take a little break and make sure that wine doesn’t taste horrible. It’s Doing the Winemakers a Favour 🙂

What do you guys think?  Writing Weekend* fun for everyone?  Any suggestions for us?

*as endorsed by Tim Minear

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