So, my brain currently feels like mush. It’s an interesting feeling, to say the least. The mushiness of my brain is one of the contributing factors as to why I’ve not updated my blog in AGES (the other is I am lazy as anything).

I think the mush is in effect due to Enslaved being almost finished and ready for publication, the new story (code name: Roman Man) slowly forming, and general life-y stuff. However, because I love you peeps, I have endeavoured to provide bloggy goodness for you. Thus, Cassandra’s bullet-point descriptions of awesome telly in the last week or so.

Oh, and

*** SPOILERS ***

after the jump

The Man Who Would Be King

• written AND directed by Ben Edlund
• Castiel being awesome
• allusions to Gethsemane
• no easy answers. Indeed, no answers
• Castiel being awesome (Misha Collins is super cool, and def rates a second mention)

Parks and Recreation
The Fight/Road Trip

• Drunken interviews with the characters (Ron Swanson is awesomeness personified)
• April and Andy pretending to be other people, especially April’s mysterious heiress complete with pillbox hat and cigarette holder
• Snakejuice, like kahlua
• Chris is just! So! Peppy!
• The little girl’s essay on government and why it matters. Apparently, “It doesn’t”. Ah, Ron, you are such the role model

A Fistful of Paintballs/For a Few Paintballs More

• Western style!
• Paintballs!
• Josh Holloway!
• Annie being all action/western hero-y!
• The change to Star Wars in the second ep!
• So much love for the meta geek in us all!


•  John William’s Superman theme – so amazingly stirring
•  Clark walking with Lois down the aisle
•  Future Chloe reading to her future son
•  The whole future coda
•  John William’s Superman theme (so cool it gets mentioned twice!)

Doctor Who
The Doctor’s Wife

• A perfect, beautiful episode
• The TARDIS stole a Time Lord and ran away
• The writing
• I cried
• ‘I wanted to say ‘hello’.’
• ‘Fear me, I’ve killed hundreds of Time Lords.’ ‘Fear me, I killed them all.’
• ‘Are you thinking what I’m thinking?’ ‘That we are looking at the bodies of my dead sisters.’ ‘Ah. Not what I was thinking.’
• Consumed-by-hate Rory
• Running around TARDIS corridors
• The 10th Doctor’s control room!
• I could go on and on and on, but I won’t 🙂
• One final thing, did I mention it was perfect?

How I Met Your Mother
Challenge Accepted

• As if Barney’s bride isn’t Robin. I mean, seriously

The Good Wife
Closing Arguements

• The pacing and tension was fabulous
• LOVE Christine Baranski
• I also quite like Owen. Would be super cool if he is in the next season more
• So Alicia and Will spend a crapload of money and do the proverbial it. Very interesting for next season
• I really like this show but I can’t think of any standout moments. I think the plotting is so intricate it all melds together in a beautiful mesh. So, in general, the episode 🙂

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