Cassandra Dean is an award-winning, best-selling author of historical and fantasy romance. She is a 2018 recipient of the coveted Romance Writers of Australia Ruby Award.

Her most recent release is PERSUADING LADY PENELOPE, a short novella set in her LOST LORDS world. The final full-length book in the series, STEALING LORD STEPHEN, is available for preorder, as is the final book in her Diamond Series, EMERALD SEA.

Cassandra is proud to call South Australia her home, where she regularly cheers on her AFL football team and creates her next tale.

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Standalone Novels
Enslaved (2011)
Teach Me (2012)
Scandalous (2019)

The Diamond Series
Rough Diamond (2012)
Fool’s Gold (2013)
Emerald Sea (forthcoming)

The Silk Series
Silk & Scandal (2013)
Silk & Scorn (2014)
Silk & Scars (2015)
Silk & Scholar (2017)
Silk & Scarlet (forthcoming)

Tales of Dormiraa
Slumber (2014)
Awaken (2018)

Lost Lords
Finding Lord Farlisle (2018)
Rescuing Lord Roxwaithe (2019)
Stealing Lord Stephen (forthcoming)
Persuading Lady Penelope (2021)
Vexing Lady Violet (forthcoming)

Box Sets

Lost Lords (forthcoming)
Diamond Series (forthcoming)

Anthology contributions

‘By Moon and Sea’ (2012)
‘Glory Box’ (2012)
‘Wounded Heart’ (2013)
‘Scandalous’ (2017)

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Silk & Scholar 2018 Romantic Book of the Year (Ruby) – Novella
Romance Writers of Australia


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Finding Lord Farlisle (Lost Lords Book Two) by Cassandra Dean
Rescuing Lord Roxwaithe (Lost Lords Book 2) by Cassandra Dean
Stealing Lord Stephen (Lost Lords Book 3) by Cassandra Dean
Persuading Lady Penelope A Lost Lords Novella by Cassandra Dean
Rough Diamond (The Diamond Series Book 1) by Cassandra Dean
Fool's Gold (The Diamond Series Book 2) by Cassandra Dean
Emerald Sea The Diamond Series Book 3 by Cassandra Dean
Silk & Scandal (The Silk Series Book 1) by Cassandra Dean
Silk & Scorn (The Silk Series Book 2) by Cassandra Dean
Silk & Scars (The Silk Series Book 3) by Cassandra Dean
Silk & Scholar (The Silk Series Book 4) by Cassandra Dean
Scandalous by Cassandra Dean
Teach Me by Cassandra Dean
Slumber (Tales of Dormiraa Book 1) by Cassandra Dean
Awaken (Tales of Dormiraa Book 2) by Cassandra Dean
Smut by the Sea Anthology: Volume One
Smut in the City Anthology
Wounded Heart Cassandra Dean Mammoth Book of ER Romance


Enslaved (2011)

If we could give this a 6[out of 5], we would. It’s our humble opinion that Dean’s got imagination and that special touch with crafting a compelling story. It would be an understatement to say that she put Lucia and Marcus through hell and then dragged them back to finally make it right.
Pink Owl Reviews

I […] enjoyed and savored every page, every moment, every word – and I desperately wanted to see more.

Good characters (Oh Marcus! *fans self*), a great location and time period, and a wonderful romance – put this book on your to-read list right away!
Siren’s Song Reviews

The plot develops smoothly, nothing is rushed, and it feels completely believable[…] This is by far, one of the more unique [romance novels] I’ve read and I can easily recommend it for lovers of romance but also of historical fiction.
You Gotta Read Reviews

[Enslaved] is atmospheric… and filled with exquisitely rendered emotion that makes you feel every awful thing [the heroine] endures […] The writing, on the whole, is impressive. It manages to be both finely crafted, nuanced, and spare. In fact, some of the restraint used in the prose is breathtaking. It’s tense, understated and incredibly sexy. […] I’ve read really well-researched novels that are also dry and dull, but “Enslaved” was compelling, moving, and rang emotionally true. I wish that more romances were like this.
Joanne Renaud
Teach Me (2012)

The Romance Reviews gives TEACH ME five stars and makes it a Top Pick!

I fell in love with this book from the first bewildering, smoldering scene, and was captivated until the last page. It isn’t every day that a couple like this comes along, or romance lingers in the imagination long after the book has been finished, and this, without a doubt, is one of them[…]I loved this book from start to finish, and though this was my first Cassandra Dean book, I can guarantee you it won’t be my last.
Bridget, The Romance Reviews

With just a whisper, a caress, or a simple kiss, Ms. Dean takes the reader on an adventure full of hedonistic pleasure as well as bittersweet moments. […] As the earl struggled with the emotional spiral that Elizabeth causes him every time they meet, I found myself crossing my fingers and hoping he would not damage the beautiful person that she is. When a novel has you feeling the way I did about the characters, you know it is a tale that will not disappoint and this one most certainly did not.
Coffee Time Romance

Be prepared to experience a wide range of emotions. I found myself laughing, crying, blushing and even yelling at times. This was my first Cassandra Dean novel and I look forward to reading hopefully many more in the future.
Romancing the Book

I adored this book! [Cassandra’s] characters [are] fantastic, the sex never stale or forced, and the depth of emotion she displayed is just wonderful. If you like Regency erotica this book is for you.
Ann Mayburn

This is probably one of the best stories that I’ve read of late.
Obsessed with book smex’s Reviews
Rough Diamond (2012)

Rough Diamond is a fantastic story of love, lust and greed in the old west […] I found this to be a really fun read with a good mix of steamy sex and story so while it was a very hot read it also had the substance and plot line to back it up. Who would have thought you could have a hot hunky hero named Rupert?!?
Carin, Cocktails and Books

Dean is very good at writing relationships and she knows how to build anticipation and heighten sexual tension very well. She also has a wonderful sense of timing and developing a dramatic moment — the culmination of Rupert and Alice’s flirtation and Alice’s monthly Spectacular all happen in that one breathtaking moment.
Love Saves the World
Fool’s Gold (2013)

A very sexy and sweet historical romance.
Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and More

This reader found Fool’s Gold a delightful read. The spin on Pearl, and Ethan, both coming from a background surrounding their families, and almost hiding a different identity was a nice premise. […] Cassandra Dean spins a story where this reader could share in the ache, and desire, that embraces the characters and brings out true emotion. She creates a story that has a way of making Christmas seem a bit brighter.
The Romance Studio

Cassandra Dean has a marvelous talent for crafting a story that immediately catches the heart and refuses to let go…The author’s keen understanding of historic detail breathes life into each scene, and best of all, her characters are fascinating, complex, and work terrifically together. This one-sitting story is no exception, and it is impossible to enter the world of the Diamond Saloon without falling in love with Pearl and Ethan, and emerge craving more.
Bridget, The Romance Reviews
Silk & Scandal (2013)

The Romance Reviews gives TEACH ME five stars and makes it a Top Pick!

I adore novels, but there is something special about a short story that I truly love. When a short story is as emotional and engaging and well done as this one is, it’s a treat to be savored. Cassandra Dean knows her craft, and it shows in every scene of her first Silk Series installment.
Bridget, The Romance Reviews
Silk & Scorn (2014)

It takes a special kind of talent to craft a compelling short story–it takes very unique talent indeed to create characters as engaging and sympathetic as those found in Cassandra Dean’s stories, and to do it in only 60 pages. The second in her Silk series, this story of childhood enemies and their journey together is a marvelously diverting, entertaining story that will delight fans and hopefully attract plenty of new readers as well.
Bridget, The Romance Reviews

I’m in such awe of a writer that can 1) write historical romance 2) have me laughing after the first page 3) bring sexual tension to new heights with just words and 4) leave me wanting more. Ms. Dean has done that with Silk & Scorn.
Harlie’s Books


The characters in Cassandra Dean’s Silk and Scorn grabbed me from the first pages, which include a short series of letters that establish their early disdain for each other, mostly born from their mothers’ insistence the two should marry. When the two meet again, Dean manages, in a novella, to draw two rich, complicated characters, both of which you can’t help but love, as much as they outwardly dislike each other. It’s a delicious journey to see their loathing turn to attraction and more.
Night Owl Romance
Slumber (2014)

I am a huge fan of fairy tale retellings…when they are done as well as this one. I have a special place in my heart for Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty style tales, but I have to confess I prefer a strong feminine heroine which is not always the case in those stories. In this story the heroine is strong and knows what she wants, but also able to bend for love. The dichotomy of the strength and frippery of the tailor add to the pleasure of this story.
Books, Books, and more Books

Its(sic) a great little story, with some action and drama, and so much love between Sebastian and Thalia, but neither will admit at(sic), till Thalia’s life is in danger. I loved the interaction between them, especially when Thalia pulled her Princess pants up and got all high and mighty with Sebastian, and didn’t he just love that!
Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock
Silk & Scars (2015)

Edward, oh Edward. I just want to take him into my arms and comfort him. His scars (in and out) lent him a vulnerability not often find in heroes of romance books. It makes me feel for him, and at the same time, root for him to find his HEA. Just thinking about how Edward must be feeling, how inadequate and insecure he must be in the presence of Gwen–she so beautiful and pure while he was scarred and walked with a limp… How he yearns and longs for something he knows is unattainable, out of his reach… Delicious angst, lovely tension–I love it! I gobble up the book in one sitting, and they’re the best 2.5 hours I’ve spent that day!
The Romance Reviews

Like the rest of the SILK series, I wish this was longer!! Ms. Dean’s ability to craft a scene make it seem as if I’m really there watching everything transpire.
Plot Twist Reviews

This was a very pleasurable read, I really enjoyed being inside Gwen’s mind and the author’s voice. It was just the right pace for such a short story, taking it slow at times to savor the characters.
Reading Romances
The Diamond Series Box Set (2015)

I always love reading books by Cassandra Dean, they’re sweet, they’re fun, they’re witty and more than a little steamy.(…)I mean who doesn’t dream about some handsome stetson walking in wearing worn jeans and a mind full of unique ways to ride?
Krissy’s Bookshelf
Silk & Scholar (2017)

“Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoy this latest offering by Cassandra Dean in the Silk Series.”
Romancing the Books and More
Finding Lord Farlisle (2018)

“Finding Lord Farlisle is a lovely story: sweet, witty, flirtatious, emotional, touching. A truly delightful way to spend a couple of hours.” Anna Campbell, author of the bestselling Dashing Widows series

“Sweet, fun, and delightful! If you love friends to lovers, you’ll adore Finding Lord Farlisle.” –Tamara Gill, author of the Lords of London series.
“I fell in love with this story instantly…It was absolutely perfect, which is really hard to do when you are trying to fit a good story into about 90ish pages, but Cassandra Dean did just that…This is a book you shouldn’t pass up.” – A Chick Who Reads
Finding Lord Farlisle sucked me in from page one and I would definitely recommend this spicy romance.” – So Many Books, So Little Time
“I absolutely enjoyed this book. It was so simple and yet so engrossing.” – jel815 via Reading Alley
“What a beautiful well written second chance story.” – Barj via Reading Alley
“The first installment in the Lost Lords series, Finding Lord Farlisle takes a familiar theme and approaches it from a new angle.” – sweetpeasuzie via Reading Alley
“Romance can sometimes be made into something so complicated, and convoluted. They make great stories too, but once in a while it’s refreshing to find two people who actually admire each other, that are simply fated to perfectly compliment each other so easily that it warms your heart.” – jeepwonder via Reading Alley