Bits and pieces around the web

On my travels around the interwebs, I come across some pretty nifty things. Here, for your viewing pleasure, some of these gems*:

Writing article via Holly Black
How I went from writing 2000 words a day to 10000 words

Another writing article, this time via Meljean Brook
Why I Write “Strong Female Characters”

And now on to the time-wasting portion of the post:

Oh, hipster peeps. You are so easy to mock.
A new Australian webseries surrounding completely delusional hipsters who live in Bondi Beach, this series is totes amazeballs, brah. Checks it out, like totes now, k?
source: Bland Canyon

A seven part Australian webseries beginning with the derailment of a train in Sydney. Horrifying enough, but it becomes even more horrific when the survivors mysteriously start to die of unexplained causes…
source: Bland Canyon

Jimmy Fallon rather hilariously sends up Downton Abbey. Pretty niftily, in my opinion
source: Tellyspotting

Downton Sixbey Ep 1

Downton Sixbey Ep 2

*Other gems are available via my tumblr and pintrest

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