Emerald Sea The Diamond Series Book 3 by Cassandra Dean


A peacemaker. That’s how gunslinger Jake Wade likes to think of himself. Holed up in Ironwood, Wyoming, waiting on a job, he’s ambushed by a drab, implacable woman in an expensive dress. When the relentless lady engages his services to find her an evil man, he takes her job to protect her from herself…and discovers this drab wren is more than she appears.

Hope McElroy knows of a man who needs killing. Engaging the services of an ex-marshal gunslinger was supposed to find her that man, allowing her to return to her life with a minimum of fuss. However, the infuriating man’s lackadaisical ways forces her efficient world to chaos, but she can’t help being drawn to the gunslinger’s lazy grin.

The journey across an emerald sea takes Hope and Jake into unknown and lawless land, and territory uncharted by either one has them relying on one another. As they draw closer, will they find a way to map a course to forever?

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Coming soon…


What’s in a name?
EMERALD SEA was rather unimaginatively nicknamed “Hope and Jake”. You can probs guess why…

The Story Behind the Story
I always wanted to close the western series on a trilogy. Hope and Jake’s story has been perculating in my brain for years, but I couldn’t find time in my schedule to give it the attention it deserved. Then, I hit upon the idea of writing it as a seriel in my newsletter and voila! A mere four (five?) years later, their book was complete!


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