Re-reads and comfort

I’ve been re-reading a lot of Anne Stuart’s books recently. Before I go to sleep, I like to comfort read bits and bobs of my (plethora) books. It seems to be just the thing to signify to my too-busy brain that hey, you know what? It’s totally nighttime and dude, you should be sleeping right now.

Anyhoo, Anne Stuart. I love her dark and dangerous heroes, her too-innocent and trusting heroines, the intrigue and suspense of her novels. I started off re-reading Fire and Ice, the fifth in her Ice series and have now read bits of most of the 25 or so books of hers I own. I also went on to Amazon and 1-clicked several of her out of print books that are only available via second-hand book stores (for a ridiculous amount of money) or in ebook. As a side note, that 1-click function is the work of the devil. Sigh. Will power, Cassandra!

According to her website, the first in her new Fire series will be coming out soon. A companion to the Ice Series, I’m looking forward to reading these new stories and enjoying more dark and dangerous heroes be felled by too-innocent and trusting heroines.

You can visit Anne’s website here –> Anne Stuart