Smallville vs Spartacus

This week, Smallville unnecessarily but rather awesomely detoured into Spartacus.  Seriously, Clark and Oliver needed to get all gladiatory?  Okay, sure, why not.  Also, Oliver is rather buff.

Check it out via the link below.  Maybe.  It didn’t work for me but maybe you peeps will have Teh Luck!

Smallville pays homage to 300 with awesomely pointless gladiator duel
via io9

Yes, I watch Smallville.  It sucked me in in its 9th season – seriously, check it out and tell me it’s not kinda awesome.


The AFL Grand Final replay happened yesterday.  I didn’t watch it, instead taking advantage of decreased traffic to go shopping (sidenote: the city shopping precinct was awash with people of the lady persuasion, but not so much on the blokes!).

However, it appeared that the decision to go shopping was a good one – the Grand Final was a total white wash, with Collingwood hammering St Kilda by 56 points.  The final score: Collingwood16.12  108 St Kilda 7.10 52.

The real winners?

Ah.   Muscles and short shorts.   Gotta love it.

Doubt that harrows

Isn’t it awesome being a creative type? You get to make up all this really cool shizz that the peeps seem to enjoy. Huzzah. But there is a flip side.

There is harrowing doubt. Seriously, it harrows. I’ve recently suffered a bout, which was not fun. I went through a period where I was convinced everything I was doing in the current WIP was wrong. The hero and heroine didn’t spend enough time together. The situations were forced. Their characterisations weren’t ringing true. An event I wanted to occur couldn’t due to time frames. On top of all that was the recurring theme – can I really repeat the success of the first book?

I love my first manuscript with an unholy passion. I really, really want it to be published and truly believe the peeps will enjoy the story within. However, I look at the completed ms and the one in progress and the discrepancies between the two are enormous.

I may have mentioned before that I am in vomit draft mode. This is where you get the general idea down on the page for eventual clean up. It is stupid to compare completed with vomit. However, this is what I did…and all I could think was ‘how on earth will WIP reach the completed stage?’

Of course, first ms did not happen overnight. A labour of love, it took a good two years to get it where it is today. However, you don’t think that when you are slaving away at the WIP. No, all you can think is ‘how did I do that?’.

*sigh* Maybe it’s just the second album blues.

Anyhoo, to cheer myself up, and because I love you all, here’s a picture of a half-naked Jensen Ackles. You don’t have to thank me.