ANNOUNCEMENT! Rough Diamond is a goer!

Peeps! Exciting news! Not only will I have a short story coming out soon, but…

Wait for it…

The trumpets are just warming up…

Hang on. Where are the trumpeteers? Smoke-o? They’re not allowed on a smoke-o. Also, that stuff is bad for you. GOVERNMENT ADS TELL ME THIS, THEREFORE IT MUST BE TRUE

Oh. They’re back. Right, trumpets in three…two…one…



My Western Romance


has been accepted for publication by Decadent Publishing!


Part of Decadent Publishing‘s Western Escape, ROUGH DIAMOND tells the tale of Alice Reynolds, a lady saloon owner, and Rupert Llewellyn, a seemingly empty-headed Englishman. Sparks fly when Rupert proposes he purchase Alice’s saloon, but is there a nefarious purpose to his request?

More deets as they arrive, peeps!

I’m so excited by this! I’ll have THREE published books and ONE short story very soon.

(and excited squeal!)

Come with me now on a journey through time and space…*

*Apologies to The Mighty Boosh for mangling their opening.

Hey peeps! I just got back from a trip to Sovereign Hill and I’m all ready to dish on the particulars!

For those not in the know, Sovereign Hill is an open air museum in the goldrush town of Ballarat, about an hour north of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Frozen at 1856, Sovereign Hill celebrates the time in Australian history when the streets of Ballarat ran with gold, when the world’s two largest gold nuggets ever were discovered and when well known names such as David Jones were first coming to prominence.

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Writing is fun

This is what I tell myself constantly. Writing is Fun! It’s exciting! It in no way is hard and work-like! You love it to pieces! Seriously!

Sometimes, this even works.

It’s weird that something that gives me so much pleasure can also be such a chore. Once I get in to it, writing can completely take over, such that hours pass and I don’t even realise that much time has elapsed. However, getting to that point is just. So. Difficult. There is so much else to do. I reckon the washing needs to be done. Shouldn’t I clean the bathroom? Maybe I should check the internet again.

However, I’m happy to report today was spent in successful pursuit of writing fun. I wrote quite a bit, so yay me! I’m trundling along nicely on Secret Squirrel project (70% of first draft done, peeps!) and I’m on track to finish it by the end of January. Huzzah!

Other stuff that is happening in my life – I will be going to Sovereign Hill soon! The last time I went was some years ago, but this time it ties in almost perfectly with Secret Squirrel Project (and that’s a bit of a hint right there!). I’ll enjoy hanging out in Old Timey Ballarat, panning for gold and dying candles a lovely shade of brown. I won’t spend too much on all the fun times – at least, I say that now. I’m certain this will all change when I get there! Also, I might be able to sneak over to Daylesford for a bit. I’ve never been, but am quite keen to check out it’s serenity.

Apart from that, not much else is happening. Just trundling along, writing and planning the trip. January is a bit of a lull before the excitement of February (have you heard? TEACH ME is totally going to be released then!).

What are you peeps up to?