Netflix has a red right hand

So. Peeps. I’ve discovered Netflix.

Recently launched in Australia, Netflix is just da shiz. I signed up last week mainly so I could stream the new Netflix series, Daredevil. part of the Marvel Universe, created by Drew Goddard and now run by Stephen S. DeKnight, Daredevil blew me away with its awesomeness. The only problem is I desperately want to watch it again, but by binging the series on the weekend, I’ve already blown half of my download limit for the month.

Here in Oz, we have a pesky sitch where you have a limit on the amount you can download. If you want a greater limit, you have to pay more. In addition to this, I’m in an area where I’m limited in which ISPs I can have, so I’m kinda stuck with one who won’t count Netflix as unmetered content. However, it seems a LOT of other providers are cottoning on to this very clever idea and hopefully my provider will too. Eventually. One day. Probably after my contract has ended and I can go with another company.

In the meantime, I’ll sparingly enjoy the wonders of Netflix and watching downloaded television in a legal manner.

Unmissable TV

There are a few shows I’m on tenterhooks each week to see. None quite reach the dizzying heights of Spartacus or, sniff, Buffy, but I do love these shows and look forward to them.



The Mindy Project

Better Call Saul

Jane the Virgin

And, of course, Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful start up again real soon…

Invetigation in progress

untitledRecently, I purchased The Office Special Edition on DVD. I’ve been wanting my very own copy for quite some time – I love watching the Christmas specials at, well, Christmas, and it always makes my heart glow when Tim and Dawn finally get together. And now I have my very own copy to call my own!

I’ve been making my way through the episodes and my word, the gold it contains. Makes me laugh and cringe just as much now as when I first saw it. What I love as well is the pathos Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant weave into the show. Every character is painfully real, and you can bet your bottom dollar you’ve encountered people like these in office jobs around the world. Also, the sense of mind-numbing tedium of office life is ably recreated in this show. I must admit, the first time I saw an episode, I thought it was a documentary – the care Gervais and Merchant have taken to make their show seem like real life (slightly heightened) is astounding.

I’m enjoying watching all the specials included in this ten year anniversary edition as well. Great to hear what others think of the show, and how influential it’s been.

Right. Back to it. I’ve still got most of a Christmas special to watch 😀

Gossip Girl, I think I might have to break up with you

I persevered through Blair’s “I want to be my own woman who stands on her own without a man, but I’ll immediately turn around and marry this prince, thereby defining myself in terms of a man” hypocrisy.

I only rolled my eyes at Dan’s sudden ascension to literary darling, and subsequent overwhelming demand for his second novel, even though his first sounded like a complete dud.

I let it go when the writers broke up Chuck and Blair because of a PACT WITH GOD (and yes, it was just as ridiculous as it sounds).

However, I cannot let this go. Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf should not be lovers. SHOULD NOT. They are wonderful as friends. Lovers, no.

How, HOW, can you build a show around the romantic love between Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf and then CONSTANTLY DESTROY IT FOR NO GOOD REASON? I could understand if the show showed us them growing apart. I wouldn’t love it, but I’d understand. However, I can’t abide this stupid Dan/Blair romance* at the expense of the Chuck/Blair one.

Gossip Girl, this is a straw. It might be the last one.

*FYI, Blair has now slept with every male character on the show (bar Rufus – God, please, don’t let that happen)


So, my brain currently feels like mush. It’s an interesting feeling, to say the least. The mushiness of my brain is one of the contributing factors as to why I’ve not updated my blog in AGES (the other is I am lazy as anything).

I think the mush is in effect due to Enslaved being almost finished and ready for publication, the new story (code name: Roman Man) slowly forming, and general life-y stuff. However, because I love you peeps, I have endeavoured to provide bloggy goodness for you. Thus, Cassandra’s bullet-point descriptions of awesome telly in the last week or so.

Oh, and

*** SPOILERS ***

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Smallville vs Spartacus

This week, Smallville unnecessarily but rather awesomely detoured into Spartacus.  Seriously, Clark and Oliver needed to get all gladiatory?  Okay, sure, why not.  Also, Oliver is rather buff.

Check it out via the link below.  Maybe.  It didn’t work for me but maybe you peeps will have Teh Luck!

Smallville pays homage to 300 with awesomely pointless gladiator duel
via io9

Yes, I watch Smallville.  It sucked me in in its 9th season – seriously, check it out and tell me it’s not kinda awesome.


Wow. Wow. The last few minutes of the Gossip Girl episode this week, “War at the Roses”, were just…Wow. Chuck. Blair. Combustion. I can’t believe the show was so racy. It’s certainly grown up since the first few episodes…Those kids sure aren’t in high school anymore!

Saying that…My wordy, how scorching hot was it?