Sneak peak of SILK & SCARS, The Silk Series Book 3

We’re deep in edits for SILK & SCARS and I’m so excited to share with you Gwen and Edward’s story. There’ll be a Cover Reveal next week, so make sure you stop by to see the GORGEOUS cover.

However, while we wait for the reveal, I’d like to share with you all a snippet. Here, Gwen meets Edward for the first time in person:


Passing through the door, Gwen stopped and, jaw slack, she looked about the chamber. The room was huge, cavernous even, and dark. So dark. Lit only by the flame of the massive fireplace dominating one wall and the wan flicker of a lamp seated on the enormous desk, the light picked up rows upon rows of books while heavy drapes of an unidentifiable fabric covered what she could only presume were windows. The floor was the same stone as the hall, the only carpet appearing before the fire under the clawed feet of a large armchair.

Her gaze returned to the fireplace. A man stood before it, his back to her, right hand held by his left.

Her heart, already racing, started a wild thud against her ribs. That was him. The duke. Edward.

He did not turn, though she willed him to. Willed him to turn, so she could utter that most important of phrases, the one she’d longed to say for an age now.

Hello, Edward.