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Stealing Lord Stephen Lost Lords Book Three by Cassandra Dean
Book 3 in the Lost Lord series.
Stephen gets his book! There will be schemes! And soccer (football) because apparently Stephen really likes soccer! And his heroine is most appreciative of when he plays soccer! And when he perhaps is dishevelled and glistening with persperiation and she might just lose her train of thought…
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Book 3 in The Diamond Series 
Jake’s a laidback gunslinger with a wicked grin and a penchant for calling pale, seemingly humourless women darlin’. Hope’s a pale, seemingly humourless woman seeking vengeance and has little patience for gunslingers who sit around and do nothing even when you engage them in employment. So what happens when she hires him to find a villian?
Shenanigans. Shenanigans happen. And kissing. And, you know, other love stuff. 
  Silk & scarlet the silk series book 5 by cassandra dean
Book 5 in The Silk Series.
Murder! Mayham! Mystery! Unrequited love! But what’s this! It is requited because the hero has no idea he’s in love with the heroine! Crazy times!
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Cassandra has a lot of other projects in the works, including:

  • JEWEL THIEF (Spy Book 1) – The start of a new series which started off as a short story about a poor relation and a jewel thief, became a full length novel, somehow changed to a spy caper and evolved into a three-book (maybe more) series.
  • THE CHARRINGTON SISTERS – Three sisters on the hunt for husbands in Regency London instead find love with the most inappropriate of men.
  • THE 1810 CLUB – Five old friends brought back together when the sixth dies and leaves them a gaming hell. Will they find love as well? All signs point to yes…
  • TALES OF DORMIRAA BOOK 3 – A third book in my fantasy/steampunk series loosely based on the Sleeping Beauty/The Glass Coffin fairy tale. Henry Cavill in the Witcher was…inspiring. Don’t know what to call it, though – maybe Napping??

Check back regularly for updates.

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