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Book 2 in the Lost Lord series.
Oliver, Earl of Roxwaithe, thinks Lady Lydia Torrence is too young. Lydia is more than happy to disabuse him of this notion…
Book 3 in The Diamond Series and the featured serial in the newsletter.
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Cassandra has a lot of other projects in the works, including:

  • SAVING LORD STEPHEN (Lost Lords 3) – The third book in the Lost Lords series.
  • JEWEL THIEF (Spy Book 1) – The start of a new series which started off as a short story about a poor relation and a jewel thief, became a full length novel, somehow changed to a spy caper and evolved into a three-book series.
  • SILK & SCARLET (Silk5) – The final book in The Silk Series, SILK & SCARLET features Rose, an ex-tavern girl and current ladies’ maid, and Nathaniel, a private inquiry agent. Murder brings them together again and as they work to find the killer, they also fall in love. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what happens.
  • THE CHARRINGTON SISTERS – Three sisters on the hunt for husbands in Regency London instead find love with the most inappropriate of men. Finally, I’ll write my regency novels!

Check back regularly for updates.

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