Emerging from the dark….

…wow, that title sounds rather dramatic, doesn’t it?

Rejoice dear readers! I have almost finished rewrites on Enslaved and hope to have a release date for you very son! Or rather, soon, as it were. Do’nt you lvoe typos?

So now I have some time to actually update the blog a bit.  Of course, I have nothing exciting to impart…Maybe I could talk about the Fringe a bit?  Yes, let us do that.

The Adelaide Fringe is the side festival to the Adelaide Festival in, surprise, Adelaide, South Australia.  In recent years, the Fringe has overtaken the Adelaide Festival and has become a massive event, similar in scale to the Edinburgh Fringe.   It gets a bit crazy here in Adelaide town in February and March, as we have both of those festivals, the Film Festival, the Autumn Racing Carnival AND Clipsal 500.  Phew.  The rest of the year it’s slow as but come February/March our little capital city explodes with excitement and colour.

I’ve been enjoying the sights and sounds of the Fringe.  My very favourite Fringe staple, the Garden of Unearthly Delights, has been delighting me once more.  Every year it expands, sprawling haphazardly through the east parklands, a strange sort of carnival with coloured lights, Spiegeltents and mad-cap performers roaming the grounds.

I’ve seen many shows in the Garden, but this year I treated myself to Barry Morgan and his World of Organs and Ms Christa Hughes.  Both performances, though vastly different, were amazing but I also love just to hang out in the Garden, soaking in the atmosphere and the energy, almost absorbing it through my skin.  Green and red and yellow lights wink in the trees and  the sounds of a carnival assault us, music and laughter and the dull roar of show hawkers.  There are treats for the belly too, cinnamon donuts, organic burgers, barbecued corn.  The queue for the world famous Poffertjes (dutch pancakes) snakes around the stand and into the opening, people watching hungrily as the cook flips the tiny pancakes in their specially designed iron skillet.  The venue is licensed so patrons wander with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer.  I must admit, I succumb to the lure of beer and purchase myself a bottle.  $8 later, I decide I really only need one.

Next year, if I save my pennies, I might purchase two beers.

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