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Current Serial:
SILK & SCARLET, The Silk Series Book 5. Sign up here.

Completed Serials:
AWAKEN, a companion novella to SLUMBER
EMERALD SEA, The Diamond Series Book 3

Published Works Extras

These are the extra bits, the scenes that don’t fit, the scenes occurring after the end of the book, or the extra special, super secret sneak peaks.

A Second Valentine (featuring Elizabeth and Malvern from TEACH ME)

Whiked Sneak Peak

Short Stories


They walk amongst us.  We don’t notice them.  They don’t want us to.  But sometimes, if we are unlucky, we hear their song.  Their beautiful, terrible song.

I Dare You

All her life, Cynthia has dared Nate.  All her life, he has dared her.  Why then, at a ball with all of society surrounding them, was this latest dare so very different?

Candy the Vampire Slayer

Lucien has just found the slayer.  God help us all.

Death and Romance

When Serena died, she became a Reaper.  Now, the Powers that Be have decided she is to play Cupid.  Seriously.
With no idea how to proceed, she turns to Martin, her friend, her mentor, her…


Longer Stories

Sister Anne

I hear her call my name and I know only I can save her from the monster she has married…