Hey peeps,

Hope you’re all enjoying your 2016s. Mine has started with ghastly hot weather and a renewed determination to write. After an emotional 2015, it will be nice to have a cruisy 2016, filled with a lot of middling waves. Do you hear me, universe? MIDDLING.

Any the hoo, what have you been up to Cassandra, I hear you ask (but in a charming way, not a back-away-slowly-from-the-crazy-lady-who-hears-voices-in-her-head). I have seen the new Star Wars movie and I am here to tell you it is fantastic. Very nostalgic, very reminiscent of the original trilogy. Awesome lead character in Rey, awesome second lead in Finn, fun times with the storm troopers and the light sabers and the evil sith lord who is really just a very naughty boy (ah, Monty Python. Still relevant).

I’ve been reading some too, but mostly re-reads. Lots of tv watching, including the new Sherlock at the cinemas. LOVED IT. That show just floats my boat. So twisty and turny, and I love the attention to character. Two scenes stand out for me – John and Sherlock talking in the glasshouse and Sherlock and Moriarty out-menacing each other in Sherlock’s flat. Nice work, all involved.

Right. Now I’m going to work on SILK & SCHOLAR (AKA The Story That Will Not End).

What have you peeps been up to?

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