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This week saw the premiere of the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad. Massive sad face, peeps. Breaking Bad is an outstanding Breaking_Bad_logo.svgshow and, much like Game of Thrones, I’m sure you must have heard of it. It’s been all over the Culture of Pop, the Internets, the tvs, and rightly so. It’s an amazing piece of writing, acting, photography and directing.

In case you aren’t sure of what it’s all about, here’s a brief run-down: Walter White is a high school science teacher who has just been told he has terminal cancer and his prognosis is dire. With very little money, a pregnant wife and a teenage son, he turns in desperation to what he knows best – science – and to what will make him a metric ton of money – cooking methamphetamine. So begins his downward spiral into criminality. Breaking Bad is one man’s descent into a truly despicable monster, a ruthless, sociopath who believes his own hubris. The trailer for the final season depicts sparse and stunning New Mexico vistas with Walter White’s voice reciting the Shelley sonnet, Ozymandias.

There is just so much to love about this show. It grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. Each episode leaves you on the edge of your seat, breathless and tense. For a show to do this consistently for five seasons is unheard of, however Breaking Bad manages it with each episode. The writing is impeccable, with season 2 being a standout. I’ve never seen a tighter plotted season of television, with a stunning bookend motif in the opening and closing episodes of the season.

Vince Gilligan, who created the series, is an alumni of The X Files (one of my personal faves) and I can’t praise him and his writer’s room enough. What they’ve done is a true accomplishment and I doff my hat to them, as I do to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the two leads who bring such commitment, depth and believability to their roles of Walter White (Cranston) and his lackey and whipping boy Jesse Pinkman (Paul).

If you haven’t checked this show out, I recommend you do so now. Seriously. I’ll wait.


You can check out Breaking Bad at:
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