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What? I know FarScape finished over ten years ago. What of it?? It’s still a brill show you should totally be watching! FarScape Rockne S O'Bannon Jim Henson Creature Shop SciFi

FarScape is the tale of astronaut and scientist John Crichton, who launches into space from Cape Canaveral on a craft he designed, FarScape1, to prove a theory about astrodynamicpropulsionthingymajig. He proves his theory, but what he doesn’t anticipate is his actions create a wormhole…a wormhole he’s sucked into. Suddenly, he’s lost across the universe, in a weird galaxy filled with strange alien creatures. Rescued by the prison ship Moya, crewed by escape convicts, he travels with them searching for a way home.

Man, this doesn’t even begin to describe the awesome. The characters are nuanced and realistic, without any rahrah gung ho crazy times. Crichton is a stranger in a strange land and he has no frakking clue what’s going on…and he’s not afraid to admit this. The alien characters have little patience with this human, who they deem as inferior and unsophisticated.

And there are puppets. PUPPETS. Jim Hensen’s Creature Shop made the prosthetics for the human actors and the amazingly realistic puppets for the, um, puppet actors. You completely forget you’re watching puppets and they simply become fully realised, three-dimensional characters.

FarScape also has one of the best love stories EVA. Crichton falls for Aeryn, a Peacekeeper closely related to humans, and she falls for him. Their love is fierce and epic and fantastic. The episode where Aeryn is kidnapped and prays to a destoryer god for her release, knowing ‘he’ will come for her is just so fricking romantic, in a weird Cassandra-likes-the-dark-and-epic-love way. 😉

Did I mention it was filmed in Sydney? Cos it was. It’s so strange to see all these Australian actors pop up in the show, not to mention Australian locations. I mean, Sydney beaches are featured! VB is drunk! Gum trees are spotted! It’s cray cray, peeps.

FarScape also has the distinction of being the very first TV series I purchased on DVD, many moons ago when it was RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE to purchase TV on DVD. Nevertheless, I will never regret that purchase, as I’ve watched this series over and over.

Do yourselves a favour, peeps. Check it out. I swear, you will devour all four series and the mini-series in a matter of days!

You can purchase FarScape at:
Amazon.com ~ Amazon.co.uk ~ JB Hi-Fi


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