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One of my very favourite movies is Silence of the Lambs. I remember going to see it at the movies as a teen with my family and immediately I was entranced by Clarice Starling and her determination to find the serial killer, Buffalo Bill. Clarice was so determined that she sought the counsel of the terrifying, though incarcerated, sociopath Hannibal Lecter. As played by Anthony Hopkins, Hannibal Lecter was a larger than life character, a charmingly slimy gentleman of a monster. After seeing the movie, I bought the Thomas Harris novel it was based upon and found it unputdownable.

Upon learning there was a previous book featuring Hannibal, I bought Red Dragon and devoured (heh) the tale of Will Graham and the serial killer, the Tooth Fairy. I watched Manhunter, the first adaptation of Red Dragon. I didn’t love it, but it was an entertaining enough movie. Then, Red Dragon the movie came out in 2002, featuring Anthony Hopkins reprising the role of Hannibal. It was kinda crap.

Which leads us all to the new television show, Hannibal. Hannibal_key_artA few months ago, I heard Bryan Fuller, one of my fave writers of the TV, was taking on this iconic character. I was unsure what to expect. I hoped for the best, but expected the worst. After all, I hadn’t been impressed by other adaptations of the earlier exploits of Hannibal Lecter.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Hannibal is an outstanding show. Gorgeously shot, beautifully macabre, and wonderfully psychological, I’m thoroughly enjoying this latest addition to the Hannibal mythology. Set before anyone knows of Hannibal’s murderous tendencies, Hannibal follows FBI profiler Will Graham, an empathetic man with a tenuous grasp on his sanity, and his budding friendship/dependence upon Dr. Hannibal Lector. Hugh Dancy is wonderful fragile as Will Graham, showing a character who displays the indicators of borderline Aspergers. Mads Mikkelsen as the titular Hannibal is outstanding. His performance is outstandingly restrained, and yet it seems at any moment Hannibal will do something truly horrific.

However, peeps, please keep in mind this is not a show for the squeamish. Though the terrible deaths are treated with sensitivity, they are awful to behold.

If you’re looking for a network television show that is a kind of procedural but with a truly psychological bent, then Hannibal is for you.

You can check out Hannibal at:
the Website ~ Amazon.com ~ IMDb


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