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Husbands tells the tale of two young men who wake up legally married after a drunken Vegas night. Husbands web series Jane Espenson Brad BellAfter causing a media storm, athlete Brady and tabloid darling Cheeks decide to stay together…after all, they have been dating for six weeks. What could go wrong?

Created by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell, Husbands is a web series sitcom which is both uproaringly funny and suprisingly heartfelt. Brady and Cheeks are still learning about each other, and what was considered cute and bearable when they were dating now grates and drives the other insane. In recent times, sitcoms are blurring the line between drama and comedy, able to switch from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other. Husbands ably demonstrates this.

The second season leans a little more to the dramatic side, becoming a bit satirical in the best of ways. Brady’s agent (played by Joss Whedon!) fears a backlash against the out and proud Brady in his choice of husband, the flamboyant Cheeks. Cheeks is asked to toned down his ‘gayness’, which is offensive on so many levels. Asking anyone to change their personality is just wrong, and to be asked to do it so someone else’s public persona is doubly wrong. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight or a penguin – this leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Having said that, Cheeks’s attempts to be ‘straight’ are hilarious. And when Brady decides it was wrong to ever have asked Cheeks to change his personality and decides to ‘gay’ it up, even more hilarity ensues.

I love Jane Espenson, she of Buffy and Battlestar Galactica fame, and will watch anything she writes. I hadn’t heard of Brad Bell before this, but he is mighty impressive, pulling writing and acting duties on Husbands (he plays Cheeks). Winning awards all over the place, I highly recommend this series and can’t wait until the third season airs.

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