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New Girl is a nifty little hang out show that evolved from something I kinda thought I’d watch because hey, I had nothing better to do, to a show where I. Must. Know. What. Happens. Next!!! It also has the best will they/won’t they on TV at the moment, which has been built by showing the characters, gasp, getting to know each other! New GirlLiking each other as friends! Finding things to admire about each other! Letting the attraction grow naturally! My word, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT SUCH A THING WOULD WORK?

It also features the best first kiss ever.

New Girl follows the antics of Jessica Day and her three roommates – Nick, Winston and Schmidt. Rounding out the regular cast is Jess’s best friend CeCe. It’s a hangout comedy, where we just hang out with these peeps and enjoy their fun times. The show brings a smile to myself with every single episode.

The characters are fantastic. Schmidt is super funny, and the way Max Greenfield pronounces his words is fantastic. Funny ha ha, my friends. CeCe is more than her extremely pretty face, a well rounded three dimensional character who is totally believable as Jess’s best friend and as one half of the other romantic relationship in the show. Winston is less well-rounded, but he still gets some very funny gags, especially when he puts on his deep, resonant voice. All characterisations are exceptional, with no one ever acting out of character. The show also deals with some darker subjects, such as the death of Nick’s father, CeCe learning her childbearing years are dwindling, and other big life issues.

And then there’s Nick and Jess.

The show did a fantastic job of gradually showing how these two grow closer. They talk and are there for each other and…and other super awesome ‘real life’ things that makes it extremely believable they would be good as a couple. I’ve recently rewatched both seasons and their gradual drawing together in season two is great. Seriously, peeps, check it out.

I’m not sure if I’ve adequately described how fun and heartwarming this show is, so perhaps you peeps should just check it out for yourselves!

You can check out New Girl at:
the Website ~ Amazon US ~ IMDb


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