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Vaginal Fantasy Bookclub was created by Felicia Day (yes, I’ve mentioned her a few times…I like her, she’s awesome!) as a way of discussing her new obsession with Paranormal and SciFi Romance. Vaginal Fantasy Book club Geek and Sundry Felicia Day Banding together fellow awesome ladies Veronica Belmont, Bonnie Burton and Kiala Kazebee, as well as the then new-to-me technology of Google Hangouts, the ladies get together on the last Tuesday of every month to discuss romantic books with a scifi, paranormal or fantasy edge. They also drink alcohol and become amusingly tipsy during the course of the hour-long show. As I’m in Australia and like to sleep, I have never watched a Vaginal Fantasy Bookclub live (boo) but have caught up with them on YouTube (yay!)

The basic set up is this: every month, a ‘primary’ book will be discussed. Usually purchased and read via Kindle (except for Bonnie, who goes the old school dead tree route), the ladies will natter away about the book. There is also a second, or ‘alt’, book set, which will usually get a bit of discussion, depending on time. They refer often to their twitter hashtag #vaginalfantasy for questions and comments posted by viewers, and will always dreamcast the characters in the books they are discussing. Michael Fassbender’s name gets bandied about a lot, as well as Benedict Cumberbatch’s. I heartily approve of this 😉

It’s been so awesome seeing the books I love being discussed in an intelligent manner, and to see how many people are jumping on the bandwagon. This bookclub has gone from strength to strength and has a hugely popular Goodreads forum.

I haven’t had a chance to watch this month’s book club, but the ladies are discussing Daughter of Smoke and Bone and the alt book is Pleasure Unbound. I’ve read both of these, so I’ll be interested to hear their thoughts.

You can check out Vaginal Fantasy Bookclub at:


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