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Welcome to Hump Day Hook, a weekly list of authors showcasing their work around the Internets. A big thanks to the wonderful peeps at Hump Day Hook for making this possible.

This week, another little bit from SILK & SCANDAL, my newest release. It’s available now, peeps!
Silk & Scandal The Silk Series Cassandra Dean Decadent TEASE

His smile faded as something began a slow smolder in his eyes. “Nic. Thank you for helping.”

She shivered. “Of course.”

“Nic?” he said.

Barely able to breathe, her gaze drifted to his lips. “Yes?”

“I’m going to kiss you now.”

“Yes.” Her eyes drifted shut.

Slowly, his lips met hers, brushed once, twice.

“Thomas.” She sighed and, as his mouth took hers again, she felt the shape of his smile.

Pleasure rushed through her, sharp and bright. Never had it been like this. All the boys she’d kissed, the men she’d teased, none had made her feel as she did now. Emotion swelled, until it felt her heart was too large for her chest and would encompass all of her, occupy her totally with this feeling for him. For Thomas.

Threading her fingers through the short hair at the base of his neck, she smiled as he placed his lips against her eyelids, her brows. Cupping her face, he placed a string of kisses along her cheek and over her temple before returning his mouth to hers.

Pulling back, he smoothed his thumbs against her cheekbones. “I can’t resist you, Nic.”

“Good.” She placed her hands over his. “I can’t resist you, either.”



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  1. How sweet! Nice details. I love how she can feel his smile during the kiss.

    • Thanks so much, Flossie.
      Hmm, I tend to use that description a bit…maybe I should watch out for it in upcoming projects, as I’d hate for it to get old from overuse!

  2. That’s really sweet and warm…xx

  3. Finally a first kiss that’s done right – good for them!

  4. Lovely snippet. Very sweet and sensual.

  5. That’s very sweet and romantic 🙂

  6. Oooh, I like how he tells, not asks!

  7. Very tender and sweet. Your vivid details paint a clear picture of the shared kiss and her emotions. Nice hook!

  8. Very sweet. Made me smile.

  9. Super romantic snippet. 🙂

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