Lucky Seven

Hey peeps,

I’ve been tagged by the wonderful Victoria Blisse to participate in Lucky Seven* Thanks, Victoria!

So, here’s how it works: Go to page 7 or 77 of your latest work. Read down to the seventh line and then post online the next seven lines or sentences. Then head off and tag seven more writers.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to highlight Silk, the work in progress I’ve been teasing in some of my Six Sentence Sunday posts. Silk is the tale of Thomas, a promising barrister and newly minted Member of Parliament, and Nicola, a lady who just can’t seem to keep away from scandal. They’ve known each other for most of their lives, though they have been apart for some of that time. Here, Nicola pens a letter to Thomas from half a world away:

Bombay, India, 8 November 1842

Dear Thomas,

I am so very sorry for the passing of Lord Harry and Lady Millicent. I cannot even begin to fathom how you must feel. I wish I were with you, dear friend, to give you any comfort or whatever you might require of me.

Know my thoughts are with you, and should I be able, I would rush across the lands and space between us to be by your side.

All my love,


So now, I tag seven writers…Hmm…

Okay, Lucy Clark, Tamara Gill, Jessica E Subject, Barbara Sheridan, Astrid Cooper, V. S. Morgan, Ashlynn Monroe – You’ve been officially tagged!

*You know, Lucky Seven just makes me think of Lucky Number Slevin (called The Wrong Man in Oz), a film by Paul McGuigan starring Josh Hartnett and Bruce Willis. I LOVE this film. It’s super fantastic. Also, FYI, Paul McGuigan directed four of the six episodes of Sherlock. His style is so distinctive and brilliant, and I just think his collaboration with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss is the bestest.

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