Quick update from the salty word mine

Hey peeps!

The writing is going quite well, so I thought I’d check in:

  • Roman Man – 8 (very crap) chapters. First draft 65-ish% done.
  • WTF 2: The Reckoning – Just over 1000 very rough words. Currently in banter mode. I do love banter mode (and not banger mode, as I just tried to write. Although, banger mode does have its time and place)
  • Duchess & Tutor – Stalled, but percolating

In other news, edits on ROUGH DIAMOND are almost complete, and we’re on track for a September release date. I hope to have some more info real soon!

Also, have you seen that TEACH ME is available all over the place in PRINT?? Check out TEACH ME‘s page for linkage and the like.

Finally, this weekend I’m headed off to Sydney for an historical fashion exhibit. Looks to be some awesomesauce things on offer!

Right, that’s about it, peeps! Stay tuned on the blog for blog hops and interviews and stuff, such as:


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