Six Sentence Sunday – Glory Box pt 1 #sixsunday

Hi peeps,

It’s that time again! Six Sentence Sunday is upon us once more. Thanks, as always, to the lovely peeps at Six Sentence Sunday for their orgamanisational skills, and to you lovely visitors who leave such wonderful comments. Thanks to all!

Now, for something completely different, a little bit from a short story I’m working on…

She hated this feeling. This uncertainty. Why him? Out of all the men, why did he matter so much?

And she knew the answer was simple, and pointless, and frustrating, and true.

Because he did.

Thanks for stopping by, peeps!


  1. Jessica Subject

    Love this six! Great show of internal struggle with the emotion she feels for him. 🙂

  2. Caught me and dragged me in. Great six!

  3. I totally related to how she was feeling – very well done six!

  4. Nice take on “Love is blind.”

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